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Reliability Adjustment Factors for Electronic Equipment

"What if" questions are often asked regarding reliability figures of merit. The tool provides a quick "back-of-the-envelope" estimate based on conversion factors found on page 105 - 107 of the USAF Rome Laboratory Reliability Engineer's Toolkit (Ref. 1), with this correction. The underlying conversion factors were developed from MIL-HDBK-217F relationships. Enter the current reliability value and then select one or more of the conversion options (environment, temperature or part quality) by setting the "From" and "To" pull-down selections.

MIL-HDBK-217F, Notice 2, Environmental Descriptions and Assumed Default Operating Temperatures

Current reliability:


Represents changes in vibration, shock, number of temperature cycles per year, high and low temperature extremes and humidity. Click here for more detailed descriptions.

TemperatureInternal ambient (°C) Internal ambient (°C)

Represents changes to average internal operating temperatures (i.e. circuit card ambient operating temperatures).

Part Quality

Represents differences between component qualification and testing practices. The accuracy of this conversion estimate can also be influenced by the operational use environment (i.e. part quality can play a more significant role in harsher operating environments).

     Decimal places:

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