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Conditional Weibull Distribution - Survival Table


Given that an item that has survived to an age of current_age, the cumulative probability of failure up to some future_time is given by:
Conditional Weibull Distribution Cumulative Probability of Failure


β is the Weibull distribution shape parameter
η is the Weibull distribution characteristic life

Time Line

See this related tool for calculating expected mean and median life using the conditional Weibull distribution.

Inputs #3 and #4 can either be a range (start, end, step) or a single value.

Calculation Inputs:

1. Weibull shape parameter (β):
2. Characteristic life (η):
3. Current age:
4. Additional time: (the chance of failure is calculated at the current age plus this additional time)
5. Time/life measurement units:
6. Decimal places to show:
7. Calculation options:
8. Output

Featured Reference:

Applied Life Data Analysis
Applied Life Data Analysis

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  1. Nelson, Wayne, Applied Life Data Analysis